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The cyclical nature of life and personal patterns of reflection direct my creative process. I use a variety of materials to respond and translate these experiences into non-objective and abstract paintings. Working and reworking the surface, adding and subtracting layers, stepping into and away from a developing artwork becomes a physical and mental dance. This process is a form of communication; a conversation between artist, paint, and surface.




is an encaustic

and mixed media artist

based in New Jersey. 

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Originally from the California Bay Area, her love of nature grew from exploring the East Bay Regional Parks with her grandmother. After moving to Montana as a teen, solo explorations through the

Beartooth Mountains in Montana became her escape, her teacher and biggest inspiration. Meyora moved to Missoula and graduated from The University of Montana with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in painting,

as well as a secondary teaching licensure. Throughout her academic journey she shared her paintings with the community and built an organic following through submitting to art calls and juried shows.


Meyora began as an acrylic and mixed media artist, but soon transitioned after discovering the beauty

and depth of encaustic painting.  The natural world serves as nourishment and inspiration, and the expansive qualities of encaustic help to create a visual dialogue that speaks of her personal experiences. Using texture, color, and line, she translates her life dance into non-objective and abstract works-reflections and translations of energy, feeling, and memory.

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